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The Partners have extensive assessment competencies, good reputation and outstanding scores from Clients and Candidates

About SelectionPartner

SelectionPartner is a renowned recruitment firm with extensive experience and expertise in executive recruitment. We have a strong focus on delivering precise hires that result in satisfied clients.

Experience and top-level expertise are the core elements of our work. Our partners have higher education and extensive experience, with DNV-certificates in recruitment and test usage. This ensures that we have the necessary competence and knowledge to conduct thorough job analysis, attract relevant candidates, and ensure the quality of the selection process.

We employ a range of effective methods to find the best candidates for executive positions. This includes proactive search and headhunting, extensive networking, and the use of our rich and searchable leadership database with over 13,000 updated profiles.

SelectionPartner emphasize competence-based selection to ensure that we find leaders who can contribute to profitability and well-being in organizations.

We take pride in our precision, supported by our dominant market share, 95% customer satisfaction, and 84% candidate satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that our clients secure confident and successful hires that yield lasting results.

Related services

In addition to executive recruitment, we also offer other recruitment services, such as board recruitment, interim management, and final assessment of candidates. We also conduct lectures to share our knowledge and experience to help others become better recruiters.

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