General information and privacy

Information from us
SelectionPartner (SP) strives for secure information processing. If you have received incorrect information from SP, we ask to be contacted immediately. See also more about information from SP, as part of this clause.

SP is in compliance with current privacy policy and rules. The purpose of personal information is to seek common recruitment interests between candidates and employers.

The information can be processed and handed over to our client, with whom we have a confidentiality agreement. Workers are working in relation to new regulations. The collection of information will only take place after the consent of the candidate. If personal information is processed for another position, the candidate will be asked for consent before the information may be shared with our client.

No one is required to provide information, but it may be more demanding and uncertain to assess candidates where the information is inadequate. Transport of sensitive information will most often be done via encrypted a-mail. 

Personal information is kept as long as it is relevant to the purpose. Right of access to self-correcting, deletion, data transport, complaint and the like applies.

See also expanded privacy and GDPR information as part of this clause.

We use cookies, a file created by those who visit our website. Anonymous information is stored, such as site and geography choices. We use this and Google Analytics to develop our web sites and services.

Please feel free to make contact if you have any comments, wishes or questions.

The clauses are reviewed due to adaptation to new regulations. In case of deviations, the Norwegian version is Superior.
Last update: Dec 12 2019.