Personal information is processed securely by us

SelectionPartner adheres to current rules with continuous adaptation to a new regulation on personal information in the EU, GDPR.

The purpose of obtaining and processing personal data is to seek common interests between candidates and employers, with a particular focus on quality assured recruitment in a mutual perspective.

Your contact is the treatment manager, which is usually the one at the top of the job posting.

Candidate information deals with relevant biographical and competence issues for assessment of possible employment. The basis of treatment is an interest analysis between the candidate and their prospective new employer.

Sensitive information will typically deal with economic, health or reputation issues that are relevant to the current position. Information relating to sexuality, politics, ethnicity, religion or unions is in any way irrelevant to us.

Personal data can be processed and handed over to our client with whom we have a confidentiality agreement. We and the test supplier, CEB, will have access to test data. The information can be profiled digitally and / or manually to produce proficiency profiles in accordance with the purpose. SelectionPartner has access to and can contact people who have made themselves available via the resume provided by Our supplier, Webcruiter. We will also work with suppliers to become compatible with new regulations.

We do not sell personal information. If the personal information is to be handed out to countries outside the EU / EEA area or an international organization, it will be shown to and informed about safeguards to ensure the information.

Personal data is primarily stored digitally. Digital information is password protected and personal information is kept for as long as it is relevant to the purpose described. The registered person is entitled to access to himself, rectification, deletion, data portability, treatment limitation / contamination of personal data and possible complaint to the Data Inspectorate in case of a violation. Information obtained from the candidate himself is due to the request for a subjective assessment against the position to be filled. No one is required to provide information, but it may be more demanding and uncertain to assess candidates where the information is inadequate. When information is obtained from others, as reference persons, information is obtained from those specified by the candidate. The reference information can be shared with the principal if the referent has not taken an active reservation. Reference control, structured search in open sources, check of diploma and possible private-credit credit check will only take place with the consent of the candidate.

If personal data is to be processed for a position other than initially planned, we will inform the candidate before it is shared with our client and agree with the candidate about which part of the information may be reused.

Implementation of privacy practices according to GDPR is ongoing.  This page and the related routines will be adjusted as a result of this.


See also the general information clause.